MATLAB Boot Camp 2017
hosted by the Losert Lab

The Losert Lab hosts an annual MATLAB Boot Camp for students and researchers interested in a basic introduction to MATLAB image analysis, but who are coming from a limited programming and/or MATLAB background. The boot camp will provide an introduction to MATLAB with an emphasis on image processing and analysis. Beyond basic MATLAB functions and image analysis, students will learn object tracking using routines from the Losert Lab. In later sessions, students will have the opportunity to work on their own projects by applying image analysis to their own data.

Teaching at Boot Camp 2014

"By the end of bootcamp I had already started to work with my own data and doing things that weren't possible before!" —2015 Boot Camp Participant

The Boot Camp is aimed at a wide range of professional and educational levels, from high school students to postdoctoral researchers and staff scientists. While many participants are students and researchers from the University of Maryland, College Park, approximately 35% of our past participant have been scientists from the nearby National Institutes of Health.

Past students have come physics, biology, chemistry, and related fields; their research is united by a need for automated image analysis. Many participants have also expressed excitement about applying their new programming skills to their everyday research:

"The content and pace were great! You guys were amazing! I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to learn the basics of image processing and doesn't have much MATLAB experience!" —2015 Boot Camp Participant

Application & Registration

Applications for the 2017 MATLAB Boot Camp are now closed! Accepted applicants can find information about registration fees below.
Application Deadline: Monday, May 1, 2017

Registration Fees:
University of Maryland, College Park $150
External Applicants $300

Registration fees must be paid by the first day of boot camp. Accepted applicants from the University of Maryland, College Park can pay the $150 registration fee via check, credit card, or account transfer; additional information will be provided in the acceptance letters. Accepted external personnel can pay the $300 registration fee via check or credit card. Checks should be made out to the University of Maryland and mailed to:

University of Maryland
Department of Physics
Attn: Stephanie Noel
Building 415, Room 1133
College Park, MD  20742


The 2017 MATLAB Boot Camp will be held on the campus of the University of Maryland, College Park in the following locations:

Lecture and Practical Computer and Space Sciences Building, Room 1410
Coffee, Refreshments, and Lunch Atlantic Building, Room 2115

Check-in will be held in Room 1410 of the Computer and Space Sciences Building at 9:00 am on Monday. Instructors will walk to the lecture room at 8:55 am with any attendees who attended morning coffee and refreshments (details below).

Accommodations, Parking, & Transportation

If you would like to attend the boot camp and require hotel accomodations there is a Marriot Hotel on the campus of the University of Maryland. Prior to making reservations, please let the boot camp instructors know so that a University of Maryland rate can be negotiated on your behalf.

Non-UMD attendees who require the ability to park on campus will be provided with a parking code that can be used daily to park in the Regents Drive Garage; the location of which can be found on this map. Instructions will be sent to non-UMD attendees the week before boot camp.

For those taking public transportation, the University of Maryland Department of Transportation Services (DOTS) website contains information on University Shuttle 104 (Schedule), which provides free service from the College Park Metro (Green Line) to the Regent's Drive Parking Garage.

In addition to the map provided above, TerpNav provides an interactive map of the University of Maryland Campus.


Teaching at Boot Camp 2014
Monday, June 5, 2017 — Friday, June 9, 2017

9:00 am — 5:00 pm daily

Boot Camp Sessions — Attendance Mandatory
Morning Session: 9:00 am — 12:10 pm
Afternoon Session I: 1:30 pm — 3:10 pm
Afternoon Session II: 3:35 pm — 5:00 pm
Optional Activities:
Coffee and Refreshments (provided) 8:30 am — 8:55 am
Break for Lunch (provided) 12:15 pm, must return by 1:30 pm session
Coffee and Refreshments (provided) 3:15 pm — 3:30 pm


Leonard Campanello, Matt Hourwitz