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Chen Gong

Gong, Chen

Graduate Research Assistant
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
1202C Energy Research Facility
Grad Student's Advisor: 
Asst. Prof. Marina Leite

Other Information: 

Publications - Please check Google Scholar for a list of publications.

Book Chapter
C. Gong, M. R. Dias, M. S. Leite, "Near-Field Optical Properties of Alloyed Noble Metal Nanoparticles," in Metal-Dielectric Nanocomposites and Nanostructures for Photonics, ed. Luciana R. Pire Kassab and Ci B. de Araujo, Elsevier (2017).


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  2. M. S. Leite, C. Gong, "Self-Rolled Thin-Films for Microscale, Ultra-Compact Batteries," US Provisional Patent Application (2015).
  3. Y.-J. Bai, C. Gong, Y.-X- Qi, L. Ling, "A Method of Synthesizing Y-Modified Li4Ti5O12 Anode Materials," China Patent, No. CN20178005 B (2015).