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University of Maryland College Park, MD • May 20-21, 2019
(Location: The Hotel at the University of Maryland)
Co-chairs: Howard Milchberg (Univ. of Maryland) and Earl Scime (West Virginia Univ.)

Workshop Webcast

  • Access to the webcast from a mobile device: Webcast for mobile devices
  • Remote participation will be enabled through a chat window. The window will be activated when the workshop begins and it will be locally moderated.
  • Once Live Stream is "ON", you will be able to click 'play' to view the stream.  You will know when this happens as we will be following along with the Conference Agenda.
  • If viewing is not playing or streaming, please make sure that your computer isn't playing/downloading/uploading anything else.  Refreshing the page helps with that as well.
  • Videos of prior sessions can be found under the “VIDEOS” heading below.

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