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TREND Media Projects


As part of their summer, TREND students develop a communications media project aimed to explain a scientific concept to broad audiences.

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2019 Projects

Sarah Chang
Nolan Coble and Joy Hamlin (Selected best Media Project)


(Interactive diagram)

Laramy Head


(Prezi presentation)

David Jin and Juan Pablo Speer


(Interactive diagram)

Kush Maheshwari


Rachel Slover


Daniel Van Beveren


(Interactive diagram)

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2018 Projects

Viktor Belay

Daniel Belkin and Kyle Ritchie

Jessica Christian


Tatiana Davidson Bajandas

William Fines-Kested


Kathleen Hamilton


(Interactive diagram -art from

José Ortiz Tavárez and Ben Ruben (Selected best Media Project)

Website on oscillators

Shyline Santana


Ethan van Woerkom
Helena Yoest

2017 Projects

Joseph Betz


Skylar Eiskowitz


Rebeckah Fussell and Alex Wikner (selected Best Media Project)

Rebbeca Melkerson


(Interactive diagram)

Charlotte Slaughter and Dara Storer


Eileen Stauffer


Nathan Super

Emma Thackray

Hana Warner


(Interactive diagram)

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2016 Projects

Kimberly Crain and David Hathcock

Website on using math to model neuronal networks (static PDF)

Kevin Fei

Interactive website on the use of noise and chaos for random number generation (Static PDF)

Savannah Gowen (selected Best Media Project)



Ben Gruey

Fiction work with explanations of Particle Swarm Optimization (PDF booklet)

Treacy Hanley

Treacy Hanley multimedia project

Thomas Hartke

(interactive when viewed with Acrobat)

Landry Horimbere

Landry Horimbere multimedia project

Molly Mosher

Molly Mosher multimedia project

Claudia Richoux

Website on particle accelerators (like the Large Hadron collider) (Static PDF)

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2015 Projects

Alisa Babcock

Remi Boros

Eric Cooper and Dylan Powers

Amy Davis

Christopher Fritz
Nick McGreivy

Michael Tripepi

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