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Graduate Student Seminar - 11/04/2016

"High Spatial Resolution Performance Mapping in Thin Film Solar Cells"

by Elizabeth Tennyson

Friday, November 4, 2016 -- 12:00 p.m.
Large Conference Room, 1207 Energy Research Facility

Advisor:  Assistant Professor Marina Leite

Performance parameters, such as the open-circuit voltage (Voc) and short-circuit current, govern the power-conversion efficiency of solar cells. In modern polycrystalline photovoltaic technologies, the Voc is lower than the theoretical value, suggesting that the nonradiative recombination of electronic charge carriers is harming the device performance. In order to successfully engineer higher efficiency solar cells, we must uncover where this recombination is occurring, i.e., where the Voc is reduced. In this presentation I will show a novel imaging framework to map the local voltage response of solar cells with unprecedented spatial resolution (<100 nm), based on illuminated-Kelvin probe force and scanning photovoltage microscopies. These functional characterization platforms establish that the spatial variation in voltage strongly influences the overall performance of solar cells that consist of polycrystalline materials.

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