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Jeremy Munday

Munday, Jeremy

Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
1201G Energy Research Facility

Current Research Projects: 

Professor Munday's current endeavors range from near field optics, photonics, and plasmonics for energy harvesting to quantum electromechanical phenomena for actuating micro- and nano-mechanical devices. This work involves studying both the physical limitations of energy conversion and practical implementations of these concepts.


Professor Munday received a B.S. in physics and astronomy from Middle Tennessee State University in 2003 and a Ph.D. in physics from Harvard in 2008.  His thesis work focused on the first experimental demonstration of a repulsive Casimir force and was conducted with Federico Capasso.  He then became a postdoctoral scholar with Harry Atwater in the departments of Applied Physics and Materials Science at Caltech working on plasmonics and photovoltaic devices.

Honors and Awards: 

Professor Munday is the recipient of the NASA Early Career Faculty Space Technology Research Award (2012), the SPIE Early Career Achievement Award (2014), the IEEE Photonics Society Young Investigator Award (2015), the Optical Society of America's (OSA) Adolph Lomb Medal (2015),  a NASA Smallsat Technology Partnership Award (2015), a NSF Career Award (2016), the ONR Young Investigator Award (2016), the Clark School Junior Faculty Outstanding Research Award (2017), and the DARPA Young Faculty Award (2018).

Laboratory for Solar and Quantum Technologies
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