Kyle Kuhn

Graduate Research Assistant

IREAP and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
1201R Energy Research Facility
Phone: 301-405-2700
Advisor: Thomas M. Antonsen, Jr., Brian Beaudoin

Currently conducting research on serpentine waveguide (SWG) travelling-wave tube (TWT) amplifiers. SWG TWTs provide compact, high power amplification for microwave signals, particularly in Ka-band (26.5 GHz – 40 GHz). Our focus is to study the effects of manufacturing misalignments in the SWG and in the beam tunnel on the reflection scattering parameter, or S11. These effects are first modeled in the Ansys High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS) software and once numerous SWG TWTs are fabricated, they will be cold-tested in the lab using a vector network analyzer (VNA) to compare results in an attempt to verify the mathematical theory and simulations.

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