Group Members:



Group Leader: Ki-Yong Kim


Graduate Students:

Yungjun Yoo (yjryu83 at umd.edu)

Yuan Tay (yannietyy at gmail)


Undergraduate Student:

Luke Hahn (lhrutc at gmail)


Postdoctoral Researcher:

Yong Sing You (asliman at gmail)


Visiting Scholars:

Jaehoon Lee, Professor of Computer and Communication Engineering, Korea University, 2014-current

Dongwen Zhang, National Univ. of Defense Technology, China, 2012-2013
Hyyong Suk, Professor and Chair of Physics and Photon Science, GIST, Korea, 2011-2014
Younghun Yu, Professor of Physics, Cheju National University, Korea, 2010-2011


Former Members:
Yong Sing You, PhD 2014, "Physical Mechanism of Terahertz Generation in Two-Color Photoionization"

Donggyu Jang, Visiting PhD student from GIST, Korea, 2013-2014

Jeffrey Magill, PhD student, 2012-2013, jmagill at umd.edu

Vijay Kaul, PhD student, 2012-2013, vijay at umd.edu

Taek Il Oh, PhD 2013, Thesis Title: "Intense Terahertz Generation via Two-Color Laser Filamentation"

Brian Handy, Undergraduate student, 2013, bhandy02 at umd.edu
Jane Lee, Ellen Williams Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow, 2011-2012
Inhyuk Nam, visiting PhD student from GIST, Korea, 2011-2012
Dongyoul Lee, Faculty Research Assistant, 2010-2012
Chris Salata, Undergraduate Student, 2010-2011, 20greenlanternbattery at gmail

Matthew Adams, Undergraduate Student, 2009, matthew_adams at yahoo

Matthew Graves, Undergraduate Student, 2009, vaniver at gmail