University of Maryland College Park, MD • May 20-21, 2019
(Location: The Hotel at the University of Maryland)
Co-chairs: Howard Milchberg (Univ. of Maryland) and Earl Scime (West Virginia Univ.)

Videos of Workshop Presentations and Discussions

Day 1: Science | May 20, 2019

Welcome - Howard Milchberg (Univ. of Maryland) and Earl Scime (West Virginia Univ.)

Remarks from the Dean of the College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences (CMNS) and Chair of the Department of Physics -  Amitabh Varshney (Dean, CMNS, Univ. of Maryland) and Steve Rolston (Chair, Physics, Univ. of Maryland)

Workshop Goals and Deliverables - Denise Caldwell (Director, Division of Physics, NSF)

Workshop Goals and Deliverables - Slava Lukin (Director, Program in Plasma Physics, NSF)

Quantum Properties of Dense Plasmas - Rip Collins (Univ. of Rochester) and Sam Vinko (Oxford Univ.)

Plasma in Super-Critical Fields - Alec Thomas (Univ. of Michigan) and Stepan Bulanov (LBNL)

Relativistic Laser- and Beam-Plasma Interactions - Felicie Albert (LLNL) and Warren Mori (UCLA)

Single Component Plasmas, Dusty Plasmas, Matter-Antimatter Plasmas - Eve Stenson (Max Planck Inst.) and Joel Fajans (UC Berkeley)

Laboratory Astrophysics - Petros Tzeferacos (Univ. of Chicago) and Carolyn Kuranz (Univ. of Michigan)

Coherent Structures and Energy Dissipation in Plasmas - Jim Drake (Univ. of Maryland) and Mike Brown (Swarthmore College)

Controlled Production of Chemical Reactivity - Steve Shannon (North Carolina State Univ.) and Mark Kushner (Univ. of Michigan)

Moderated Discussion on Science Themes, with Panel of Topic Group Leads - Chair Earl Scime

Day 2:  Facilities | May 21, 2019

Overview of Day's Activities and Goals - Howard Milchberg (Univ. of Maryland) and Earl Scime (West Virginia Univ.)

Open Facility: LLE-NLUF - Mingshen Wei (LLE, Univ. Rochester)

Open Facility: SLAC-LCLS - Emma McBride (SLAC)

Open Facility: Green Bank Observatory - Karen O'Neil (Green Bank Site Director)

Collaborative Facilities: UCLA-BaPSF and DIII-D - Troy Carter (UCLA)

Single/Few PI - Magnetized Dust Experiment - Ed Thomas (Auburn Univ.)

LaserNetUS Network: Plans for Best Science Outcomes - Cameron Geddes (LBNL)

Seven Presentations from Topic Groups Followed by Discussion and Conclusion