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Cluster sync and chimeras in optoelectronic networks.
Alignment of optics in vacuum chamber for ultrahigh intensity laser experiment.
Working on the thin film deposition for the study of plasmonic, covetic, and thermoelectric materials.
Managing a tunable laser system working at near infrared wavelength.
Operating an X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer (XPS) System.
An X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer (XPS) System.
Positioning lasers to study quantum efficiency of novel photo-emitters.
Transferring solid-state battery samples from a synthesis chamber.
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Chembo Published in APS Reviews of Modern Physics
The review explores the complexity inherent to optoelectronic oscillators, as well as their impact in modern science and technology. More»
NSF Awards $1M Grant to UMD Researchers
The interdisciplinary project will explore the molecular connection between the gut and the nervous system. More»
University of Maryland Launches Quantum Technology Center
The new research center will catalyze the development of high-impact quantum technologies. More»

Canceled: Whiting-Turner Lecture Series
November 7, 2019 4:30 p.m.-6:00 p.m. Zupnik Lecture Hall, Room 1101 in Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building More»


Graduate Engineering Open House
December 3, 2019 6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m. A. James Clark Hall - The Forum More»