Groups, Centers and Labs


Bright Beams Collective Research Group

Principal Investigator(s): Patrick G. O'Shea
Location: 0204A Energy Research Facility

The BBC Group's research is centered on exploring the physics of charged particle beams at the extreme frontier of intensity.

Rendering by Noah Hoppis, IREAP

Centrifugal Mirror Fusion Experiment

Principal Investigator(s): Carlos Romero-Talamas
Location: Energy Research Facility: 0124 (Control Room), 0153 (Laboratory)

The Centrifugal Mirror is a magnetized plasma in mirror configuration that is put into azimuthal rotation by imposition of a radial electric field that sets up an ExB flow. The Centrifugal Mirror Fusion Experiment (CMFX) will test this concept by running experiments operating at intermediate fusion conditions, as proof of principle.

Dimensional Materials Laboratory

Principal Investigator(s): Kevin Daniels
Location: 0300A Energy Research Facility

The current research interest includes the growth of various metallic, semiconducting and insulating two-dimensional materials, transition metal oxides and dichalcogenides in particular, for environmental and biological sensors, batteries, and fuel cells

Laboratory for Intense Laser Matter Interactions

Principal Investigator(s): Howard Milchberg
Location: 0102, 0110, and 0112 Energy Research Facility

The University of Maryland's Intense Laser Matter Interactions Laboratory studies the basic physics and applications of the interaction of extremely intense laser light with matter.

Plasma Processing of Materials

Laboratory for Plasma Processing of Materials

Principal Investigator(s): Gottlieb S. Oehrlein
Location: 0113 Energy Research Facility

The Laboratory for Plasma Processing of Materials in the Energy Research Facility is focused on developing the science of low temperature plasma (LTP) - materials interactions that is required in many applications.

Laboratory for Ultra Fast Optical Science (UFOs)

Principal Investigator(s): Ki-Yong Kim
Location: 0130 Energy Research Facility

The research in our group is focused on ultrafast lasers and optical science, including the study of intense, ultrafast laser interaction with atoms, molecules, solids, and plasmas.

Materials and Interface Nanotechnology

Materials and Interface NanoTechnology Laboratory

Principal Investigator(s): Oded Rabin
Location: 0145 Energy Research Facility

The Materials and Interface NanoTechnology Laboratory conducts research in a wide variety of topics related to nanoscience and nanotechnology. The central goal is to explore the new physics that emerges from shrinking the dimensions of materials to the nanoscale, and to identify the significance of the new science for an array of applied fields such as sensing, energy, and biomedicine.

Nonlinear Dynamics Laboratory

Principal Investigator(s): Daniel Lathrop
Location: 0206 and 0300 Energy Research Facility

Our Nonlinear Dynamics Laboratory is dedicated to studying turbulence using both novel experiments and theory.

Photonic Materials & Devices Laboratory

Principal Investigator(s): Carlos A. Rios Ocampo
Location: 0132/0138 Energy Research Facility

The Photonic Materials & Devices Group studies nanoscale light-matter interactions and applies nanomaterial properties in high-performance optoelectronic devices and systems. Current research interests are phase-change materials for photonics, photonic integrated circuits for (neuromorphic) computing and sensing, and low-energy reconfigurable photonics.

Photonics Research Laboratory

Photonics Research Laboratory

Principal Investigator(s): Thomas E. Murphy
Location: 0205 Energy Research Facility

The Photonics Research Laboratory conducts research related to integrated optics, nanophotonic devices, nonlinear dynamics, terahertz photonics, nonlinear optics, ultrafast optics, microwave photonics, and optical communication systems. The central goal is to explore new devices and techniques that improve the speed, sensitivity, resolution, and efficiency of optical communication and sensor systems.

Photonics Systems Laboratory for Aerospace and Communication Engineering

Principal Investigator(s): Yanne Chembo
Location: 0151 Energy Research Facility

Our research activities are mainly focused on the science and technology of photonic systems such as high-Q whispering-gallery mode resonators, time-delayed optoelectronic oscillators, and optical fiber architectures.  The targeted applications include aerospace systems, optical and wireless communications, machine learning, quantum networks, time-frequency metrology, and fiber sensors.

Quantum Photonics Lab

Quantum Photonics Laboratory

Principal Investigator(s): Edo Waks
Location: 0201, 0204, and 0205A Energy Research Facility

The Quantum Photonics Laboratory at the University of Maryland is part of the Joint Quantum Institute and the Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics.

Rubloff Research Group - ALD Nanostructures Laboratory (ANSLab)

Principal Investigator(s): Gary Rubloff
Location: 0202 Energy Research Facility

The ALD Nanostructures Laboratory (ANSLab) is aimed at fabrication of 3D nanostructures for energy storage applications, using atomic layer deposition (ALD) widely as integrated with other techniques for deposition, modification, and characterization of these structures.

Research Groups

Landreman Group

Principal Investigator(s): Matt Landreman
Location: 3333 A.V. Williams Bldg.

Our group studies the effects of symmetry and geometry in magnetized plasmas.

Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos

Principal Investigator(s): Edward Ott, Thomas M. Antonsen, Jr., Michelle Girvan, Rajarshi Roy, Daniel Lathrop
Location: 3329 A.V. Williams Building

Since the mid-1970s, the Chaos Group at Maryland has done extensive research in various areas of chaotic dynamics ranging from the theory of dimensions, fractal basin boundaries, chaotic scattering, controlling chaos, etc.

Plasma Theory Group

Principal Investigator(s): Thomas M. Antonsen, Jr., William Dorland, James F. Drake, Jr., Edward Ott, Marc Swisdak, Matt Landreman, Ian Abel, Phillip Sprangle
Location: Third Floor, A.V. Williams Bldg.

The Plasma Theory Group is part of the Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics at the University of Maryland. IREAP has participating researchers from the Departments of Physics, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Geology, Materials Science and Engineering, and the Institute for Physical Science and Technology.


Maryland NanoCenter

Maryland NanoCenter

Location: Kim Building

The Maryland NanoCenter promotes major nano research and education initiatives, provides one-stop shopping for those seeking expertise and/or partnerships at Maryland, and supplies infrastructure to facilitate nano activities at Maryland through equipment, staff support, and informational and administrative functions.

Quantum Technology Center

Location: IDEA Factory

The Quantum Technology Center (QTC) will have a global impact creating translational technologies to address some of society's toughest challenges.

SolFER DRIVE Science Center

Principal Investigator(s): James F. Drake, Jr.

The SolFER DRIVE Science Center is a multi-institutional collaboration whose goal is to understand the release of magnetic field energy and associated particle acceleration in flares in the solar corona.