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Graduates with Masters Degrees from IREAP


Thesis Title
2019 Yan Tay
- Physics
Fabrication, Characterization and Application of High Density Gas Targets for Intense Laser Interaction Experiments Ki-Yong Kim --
2018 Ke Ma
- Physics
A Statistical Study of Mixed Wave Systems Thomas Antonsen --
  Trystan Koch
- Physics
  Thomas Antonsen --
2017 Peter Megson
- Physics
Vortex Creation in Quantum Fluid Transitions:  An Experimental Perspective Daniel Lathrop --
2016 Edward Leong
Terahertz Detection and Mixing Using Two-Dimensional Materials Thomas Murphy --
  Daniel Goldman
Design of Nanophotonic Antireflection Coatings for III-V Thin-Film Photovoltaics Jeremy Munday --
2014 Long Nguyen
Planar Slow-Wave Structure with Parasitic Mode Control Victor Granatstein Ph.D. Candidate, Physics
2013 Shilpi Gupta
Room Temperature Light-Matter Interaction Using Quantum Dots and Photonic Crystal Cavities Edo Waks --
  Ruifeng Pu
Near-THz Gyrotron: Theory, Design, and Applications Victor Granatstein Patent  Examiner, USPTO
  Kamal Poor Rezaei
Transverse Characterization and Control of Beams with Space Charge Patrick O'Shea
Rami Kishek
Silver Spring Networks
  Luke Johnson
- Physics
Electron Acceleration via Chaotic Heating in Two Counter-Propagating Electromagnetic Waves Thomas Antonsen --
2012 Will Stem
- Physics
Recovering Measured Dynamics from a DC Circulating Space-Charge-Dominated Storage Ring Timothy Koeth --
  Yichao Mo
Experimental Study of Solitons on Intense Electron Beams Rami Kishek
Patrick O'Shea
2011 Hao Zhang
Development of an Adaptive Masking Method to Image Beam Halo Patrick O'Shea --
2010 Kristina Gaff - Physics Visualization of the Cortex Lattice Dynamics in Superfluid Helium Daniel Lathrop --
2009 Eric Montgomery
Advances in Cesium Dispenser Photocathodes: Modeling and Experiment Patrick O'Shea IREAP. University of Maryland
2008 Brian Beaudoin
Longitudinal Space-Charge Waves Induced by Energy Modulations Patrick O'Shea IREAP, University of Maryland
  Sina Sahand
Microresonators and Photonic Crystals for Quantum Optics and Sensing Edo Waks Naval Research Laboratory
2007 Michael Holloway
Emittance Measurements of the Jefferson Lab Free Electron Laser Using Optical Transition Radiation Patrick O'Shea Los Alamos National Lab
2006 Ioannis G. Stamatiou
Advances in Multiple Access Mobile Phone Technology Victor Granatstein --
  Damon Ellingston
- Physics
Dynamo Theory and Experiment Daniel Lathrop --
  Daniel D. Lanterman
- Physics
Time Dependent Drag Reduction by Long Chain Polymers in Taylor-Couette Flow Daniel Lathrop --
  Jayakar (Charles) Tobin Thangaraj
Beam Injection and Matching Studies in the UMD Electron Ring Patrick O'Shea --
  Pragya Purohit
Design of a High-Power, High-Gain, Frequency-Doubling Four-Cavity Gyroklystron Wes Lawson Sprint-Nextel
  Swati Tiwari
Design and Testing of Frequency-Doubling Gyroklystrons at (the) University of Maryland Wes Lawson Sprint-Nextel
  Ryan Clary
- Physics
Absolute Hα Measurement System for the Maryland Centrifugal eXperiment Richard Ellis --
  Bryan J. Orf
Comparison Of Advanced Resist Etching In E-Beam Generated Plasmas Gottlieb Oehrlein --
  Erin C. Dreyer
Characterization of Electrodeposited Chitosan Films by Atomic Force Microscopy and Raman Spectroscopy Gary Rubloff --
2005 Roland Ngogang
Stochastic Electron Trajectories and Wave Interaction in Relativistic Gyro-Traveling-Wave Amplifiers Victor Granatstein --
  David L. Demske
Master-Oscillator-Power-Amplifier (MOPA) Laser Sources Used as Drive Lasers for Photoinjectors for High-Gain, Free Electron Lasers (FELs) Patrick O'Shea University of Maryland
  Gang Bai
Modeling and Experiments on Injection into the University of Maryland Electron Ring Patrick O'Shea  
  Kai Tian
Study of Space-Charge Waves in a Long Solenoid Channel Patrick O'Shea  
2004 Nathan A. Moody
Fabrication and Measurement of Cesiated Metal Photocathodes Patrick O'Shea Los  Alamos National Laboratory
  Karthik Bharathan
Cold Testing of a Radial Extraction Output Cavity for a Frequency Doubling Gyroklystron Wes Lawson
Victor Granatstein
Gogo, Chicago, IL
  Yijie Huo
Experimental Study of Laser Produced Electron Beam Patrick O'Shea Stanford University
  Todd M. Firestone
RF Induced Nonlinear Effects in High-Speed Electronics Victor Granatstein AAI Corporation/Textron Systems
  Thomas J. Miller
Comparing Microwave Induced Polymerization to Thermal Induced Polymerization of the Resin Bisphenol A-Glycidyl Methacrylate Victor Granatstein --
  Bryan R. Osborn
A Lattice Kinetic Scheme with Grid Refinement for 3D Resistive Mangetohydrodynamics William Dorland --
2002 Benjamin Huebschman
The Development, Simulation, and Testing of Select Microwave Components in Support of the Gyroklystron Microwave Source for a Next Generation Linear Accelerator Wes Lawson Army Research Laboratory
  John Harris
Longitudinal Effects and Focusing in Space-Charge Dominated Beams Patrick O'Shea --
  Matt Virgo
Dispenser Photocathodes for Accelerator Applications Patrick O'Shea Argonne National Laboratory
2001 Hui Li
Printed-Circuit Magnets System for UMD Electron Ring Patrick O'Shea --
1982 Christopher Kostas

- Physics

Shock Heated Paramagnetic Spheromak Experiment Alan DeSilva --
1975 Niall B. McNelis
- Physics
Regarding light scattering experiments (title unknown) Alan DeSilva AAI Corporation/Textron Systems