Webinar update: Sensitive Data, Export Controls, and Restricted Research. How can campus help.

Friday, April 16, 2021


On Monday, March 1, 2021, the Division of Research, Division of IT, and members of the Export Control and International Compliance Committee presented the webinar Sensitive Data, Export Controls, and Restricted Research. How can campus help to the campus community. The objective of the webinar was to assist in understanding when your research may be subject to export control laws that require extra steps. Guidance was offered on when to seek assistance as well as information on the campus staff, tools, and resources available to support your research.


Dr. Laurie E. Locascio, Vice President for Research, discussed the importance of understanding the laws affecting international collaborations, in particular, the US export laws governing the transfer of goods, services, and technologies to foreign locations and individuals. The focus was on the small number of campus projects where the research may contain sensitive technologies with military or cutting-edge commercial applications, confidential data, publication restrictions, or other security requirements. These projects are more likely to be subject to export laws that will need to be addressed before the research begins.


Panelists Adam Grant, Export Control Officer, and Dr. Daniel Lathrop, Chair, ECIC Committee, focused on the definitions in the laws surrounding export control technology and the special carve-outs in the laws that cover most university research (fundamental research published in the open literature) with the goal of increasing confidence in your collaborations and how to identify activities that may have a higher risk. Wendy Montgomery, Director, Office of Research Administration (ORA), discussed ORA’s role in helping identify export control issues in proposals and contracts and the importance of proposal certifications. The Research Technology team in the Division of IT, Sam Porter and April Patterson, described UMD’s exciting new computing capability—CUI Environment—and how to protect these sensitive data types.

The webinar was recorded and will be available for viewing until April 16th.


Should you have any questions please contact: ECICquestions@umd.edu

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