CHBE Seminar: Dr. David Gracias, Chemical and Biomolecular Engr., Johns Hopkins University

Friday, May 5, 2023
11:00 a.m.
Room 2108 Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building and Via Zoom
Patricia Lorenzana

Smart 3D Microtechnologies for Biology and Human Health

Abstract: In the future, it is envisioned that living systems will be integrated with sensors and actuators to enable two-way information transfer. I will describe our research on next generation 3D microstructured materials and devices for interfacing cells, organoids, and humans. These microtechnologies feature three dimensionality, shape-change, biomolecular programmability, mechanical compliance and integrated sensing and actuation of widespread relevance to biomedical engineering, human health, diagnostics, drug delivery and surgery. The technologies leverage ultrathin and biocompatible materials, self-folding and transfer printing processing paradigms and heterogenous and hybrid materials integration. Applications include microinjectors, shell microelectrode arrays, biointerfacing tattoos, programmable soft robots, and single cell manipulation tools.

Bio: David Gracias is a Professor at the Johns Hopkins University with a primary appointment in the Whiting School of Engineering and secondary appointments in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and School of Medicine. He has made pioneering contributions to micro and nanotechnology as described in over 200 technical publications, including several in high impact journals such as Science. He is also a prolific inventor and holds 36 issued US patents, with notable inventions on microchip integration, self-folding polyhedra, integrated biosensors and untethered microgrippers. He is an elected Fellow of diverse international scientific and engineering societies, including AAAS, IEEE, APS, RSC, and AIMBE. 

Audience: Graduate  Faculty 

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