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IREAP Class of 2013

IREAP Class of 2013

Photo: University of Maryland
Photo: University of Maryland

Ph.D. Degrees

  • Caitlin Williams (Physics), "Optoelectronic Experiments on Random Bit Generators and Coupled Dynamical Systems," Advisors: Professors Rajarshi Roy and Thomas Murphy
  • Taek Il Oh (ECE), "Intense Terahertz Generation via Two-Color Laser Filamentation," Advisor: Assistant Professor Kiyong Kim
  • John Platig (Physics), "Making Predictions and Handling Errors in Reconstructed Biological Networks," Advisor: Associate Professor Michelle Girvan
  • Meghan Driscoll (Physics), "Amoeboid Shape Dynamics on Flat and Topographically Modified Surfaces," Advisor: Associate Professor Wolfgang Losert
  • Gilad Barlev (Physics), "Synchronization of Network-Coupled Chaotic and Oscillatory Dynamical Systems," Advisor: Professor Edward Ott
  • Wai Shing Lee (ECE), "The Effects of Coupling Delay and Amplitude/Phase Interaction on Large Coupled Oscillator Networks," Advisor: Professor Edward Ott
  • Chad Ropp (ECE), "Nanoscale Manipulation, Probing, and Assembly Using Microfluidic Flow Control," Advisor: Associate Professor Edo Waks
  • Karl Schmitt (Physics), "Network Algorithms for Complex Systems with Applications to Nonlinear Oscillators and Genome Assembly," Advisor: Assistant Professor Michelle Girvan
  • Myung Park (ECE), "Chaotic Oscillations in CMOS-Integrated Circuits," Advisors: Dr. John Rodgers and Professor Daniel Lathrop
  • Remington Reid (Physics), "Microwave Emission and Electron Temperature in the Maryland Centrifugal Experiment," Advisor: Professor Richard Ellis
  • Ching Pui Hung (Physics), "Stabilization of MHD Turbulence by Applied Steady and Oscillating Velocity Shear," Advisor: Professor Adil Hassam
  • Zhigang Pan (ECE), "Modeling the Resupply, Diffusion, and Evaporation of Cesium on the Surface of Controlled Porosity Dispenser Photocathodes," Advisor: Professor Patrick O'Shea
  • Mark Herrera (Physics), "Complex Flows in Granular and Quantum Systems," Advisor: Professor Edward Ott
  • Jupiter Bagaipo (Physics), "Nonlinear Interchange Modes near Marginal Stability," Advisor: Professor Adil Hassam

Masters Degrees

  • Shilpi Gupta (ECE), Advisor: Associate Professor Edo Waks
  • Kamal Poor Rezaei (ECE), "Transverse Control of Beams with Space Charge in a Ring," Advisor: Professor Patrick O'Shea and Research Professor Rami Kishek
  • Ruifeng Pu (ECE), "Near-THz Gyrotron: Theory, Design, and Applications," Advisor: Professor Victor Granatstein
  • Luke Johnson (Physics), "Electron Acceleration via Chaotic Heating in Two Counter-Propagating Electromagnetic Waves," Advisor: Professor Thomas Antonsen

July 1, 2013

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