Drake, Dorland, Swisdak selected to lead NASA science center

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The University of Maryland has been selected to lead one of several science centers designed to address the most important and challenging topics facing heliophysics.  The program, entitled "DRIVE Science Center Collaboration on Solar Flare Energy Release" was lead by James Drake (Physics, IPST, IREAP, JSI), Co-I William Dorland (Physics, JSI) and Co-I Dr. Marc Swisdak (IREAP, JSI), and was selected for Phase 1 funding by NASA.  
This collaboration includes participants from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Caltech, Berkeley, UCLA, University of Minnesota, the New Jersey Institute of Technology and Los Alamos National Laboratory.  The SolFER DRIVE Science Center brings together observers, theorists and models and computer scientists to attack the problem of the energy release in solar flares, a topic of great importance for the Earth space environment with broad scientific implications for impulsive energy release throughout the universe. 
Congratulations to Jim Drake, Bill Dorland and Marc Swisdak for their role in leading this highly visible initiative.

Published January 14, 2020