Next JEDI Lunch, A discussion with Dr. Chandler Puritty.

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Dr. Chandler Puritty

IREAP ROLE would like to invite you to come to this week's JEDI Lunch.

Dr. Chandler Puritty, UC San Diego, is joining us Thursday, March 10, 2022, to discuss the importance on inclusion in the STEM field.....

Dr. Puritty received her Ph.D. from UC San Diego, where she now teaches.  During her time in grad school she felt out of place as a Black woman in the field of Biology and took it upon herself to change this for future students.  She now teaches classes that acknowledge how Climate Science, Environmental Science, and Race Issues relate.  Further, she teaches the importance of everyone having a voice (and being heard) with respect to scientific and environmetal issues -- these are, after all, issues that affect everyone.  To do this Academia must create a more welcoming learning environment for people of various backgrounds.


Event Information:

Time: 12PM (Noon)

Date: Thursday, March 10, 2022

Place: Zoom

Published March 7, 2022