Prof. Carlos Rios Ocampo Wins Award

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Professor Carlos Rios Ocampo has been awarded Third Prize by Rising Starts of Light.

Rising Stars of Light, initiated by Light: Science & Applications, is a worldwide campaign for the most shining young scientists in optics related topics. Since 2018, it has been hosted for three years and received worldwide recognition with more than 6,000,000 audiences. In 2021, Rising Stars of Light was highlighted as a featured event by UNESCO’s International Day of Light.

Initiated by journal Light: Science & Applications, the 2021 Rising Stars of Light Final Competition was live hosted on iCANX talks on 8th and 15th Oct. After two sessions and six hours online, the Committee members selected Prof. Qifan Yang from Peking University as the First Prize, Prof. Peter Mcmahoon and Prof. Jonathan Albert Fan as the Second Prize winners, Prof. Carlos Rios from University of Maryland, Prof. Lingyan Shi from University of California, San Diego, Dr. Maxim Karpov from EPFL and Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology as the Third Prize winners.

Published October 21, 2021