Prof. Jeremy Munday, Dongeon Ha and Prof. Marina Leite, Chen Gong featured on the Cover of ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

Prof. Jeremy Munday, Chen Gong, Prof. Marina Leite, and Dongheon Ha were recently featured on the cover of ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. 

In their paper, Dongheon Ha and Prof. Jeremy Munday (ECE/IREAP), in collaboration with Chen Gong (MSE/IREAP) and Prof. Marina Leite (MSE/IREAP), show that the absorption in a solar cell can be improved by up to 20% by coating it with an array of glass nanospheres (100 times smaller than the width of a human hair), which allow light to be trapped inside the sphere and leak into the solar cell. Munday says, “This result shows that we can measure the resonant coupling between the light, the spheres, and the solar cells electrically through an increase in the photocurrent. The process is simple and scalable, so it can easily be applied to other types of device.” 

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Congratulations to them on this outstanding achivement!

Published October 13, 2016