SolFER DRIVE Science Center

The SolFER DRIVE Science Center is a multi-institutional collaboration.  The goal of SolFER is a transformative advance in the understanding of explosive magnetic energy release and energetic particle production in the solar corona across a range of scales, from major eruptions that significantly impact the Earth space environment to small events that may play a role in coronal heating.  

Principal Investigator:  James F. Drake, Jr., University of Maryland

Members from the University of Maryland:  Members of SolFER from the University of Maryland are Prof. James Drake, Prof. Bill Dorland,  and Research Scientist Marc Swisdak.

Other Collaborators:   Spiro Antiochos (GSFC), Stuart Bale (Berkeley), Cindy Cattell (Minnesota),  Bin Chen (NJIT), Steven Christe (GSFC), Christina Cohen (Caltech), Bill Daughton (LANL), Gregory Fleishman (NJIT), Dale Gary (NJIT), Lindsay Glesener (Minnesota), Fan Guo (LANL), Michael Hesse (Bergen), Jim Klimchuk (GSFC), Eduard Kontar (Glasgow), Peter Macneice (GSFC), Marit Oieroset (Berkeley), Mitsuo Oka (Berkeley), Melissa Pesce-Rollins (INFN), Tai Phan (Berkeley), Franco Rappazzo (UCLA), Marco Velli (UCLA), Mark Wiedenbeck (Caltech)


The Center is supported by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).  

James F. Drake, Jr.

Professor, Department of Physics and the Institute for Physical Science and Technology, Computer, Math, and Natural Sciences
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