Winners of the IREAP GSS Best Presentation Award

The winners of the IREAP Graduate Student Seminar Best Presentation Award for Fall 2022 were: 

First Place - Nicole Menkart, "Single Photon Detection: Basics, Challenges, and Probability Distribution Corrections in Avalanche Photodiodes" (Advisors: Profs. Thomas Murphy and Rajarshi Roy)

Second Place - Evan Dowling, "Non-local Polarization Alignment and Control in Fiber Using Feedback Measurements of Entangled Photons" (Advisors:   Profs. Thomas Murphy and Rajarshi Roy)

Third Place - Andrew Goffin, "The Effect of Pulse Duration on the Longitudinal Structure of Femtosecond Filaments" (Advisor:  Prof. Howard Milchberg)

Published January 6, 2023